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40mm End Clamp Chiko - CK-FZE-40

40mm End Clamp Chiko - CK-FZE-40
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40mm End Clamp Chiko - CK-FZE-40
  • Brand: .Chiko Solar
  • Model: Chiko End Clamp-CK-FZE-40
  • Weight: 10.80oz
Ex Tax: $387.26
40mm End Clamp Chiko - CK-FZE-40Used for mounting edge of panels to rail.Come with a bolt to suit our CHIKO railing system, in order to mount single p..


40mm End Clamp Chiko - CK-FZE-40

Used for mounting edge of panels to rail.

Come with a bolt to suit our CHIKO railing system, in order to mount single panels or used in conjunction with mid clamps. (please see our other listings) to mount multiple panels.

Please check the profile of panel as these will only fit solar panels with a profile of 35mm.

Complies with all Australian standards for solar panel installation.

End clamps or brackets are designed to bolt to aluminum rail and be able to slide along for adjustment please note these fit our CHIKO railing system (supplied with matching nut) but will also fit other railing systems as long as the nut is changed to suit the rail (not supplied)

Note that this is for a single clamp and is supplied with our mounting hardware, and will fit 35mm profile panels. We can supply full kits to suit your configuration.Please don't hesitate to contact staff for guidance if required.


• High-grade Aluminium

• Stainless bolt with a 6mm hex head

• Strong and comply with AUS/NZ standards

• Easy to fit, time efficient

• Allows for easy adjustment on rails

• Will fit any type of rail (using appropriate hardware supplied by rail manufacturer)

  • z Install site: Open Field & Concrete Stand
  • z Adjustable angle: 10‐60deg
  • z Max Wind Speed: 60m/s
  • z Snowload: 1.4KN/m²
  • z Material: Hot‐galvanized steel Q235B
  • z Racking Spacing: 2.6‐2.9m
  • z Warranty: 10 years warranty and 25 years service life



Panel width   (adjustable)


Rail Length (CK-FZ-R)   (adjustable)

2560mm*2 pcs

Mid Clamp (CK-FZM-35/40/45/50)


End Clamp (CK-FZE-35/40/45/50)


Adjustable Front Leg (CK-FZA-FL) 


Adjustable Back Leg (CK-FZA-BL1015/1530/3060)











Installation site

Tin Roof or Flat Roof or open field

Module Width

Any witdth

Roof Cladding

Suitable for most type of cladding

Possible High Compensation

up to 38mm standards and 63mm with optional

Roof Slop

up to 60° extension plate

Building Height

< 20m

Wind Load

< 60m/s

Support Rail

Extruded aluminum

Snow Load


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