Jamaican Home-owner Goes Solar

(possible the largest residential system on the island)



Caribbean Solar Energy Co.Ltd has been very busy in Jamaica as more and more Jamaican home-owners are taking advantage of the abundance of sunshine found in there country and installing solar systems on their roofs to capture and utilize the same.
This latest installation happens in the Norbrooks Heights area where this home-owner has eliminated his electricity bills by creating his own energy from the sun by 99%, if he was add eight more batteries then he could go completely off the grid. 

This solar system clocks in at 18.0 kW. It€™s estimated to generate a whopping 34,850 kWh a year. It€™s possible that this system could generate all their electrical needs for the entire year if they were selling to the grid.The total system consists of sixty two (62) panels, three (3) 6kW inverters and fifty six (56) batteries,  the cost of solar panels and installation was very steep but the home owner is expecting a total payback in 4-6 years. Once the solar system provide its full return on investment, he will be generating free, green electricity.


Why is it such a good time for a home-owner to install a solar system? There are a few reasons. “Solar panel prices have never been lower” says Shineika, a manager for the company, “and Caribbean Solar Energy Co. Ltd  is leading the way in the Caribbean with value added product at very low prices, affordable on nearly any budget,  plus with our financing programs as well as our free no obligation estimates by our solar consultants, there is never a better time to go solar.”