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LED Solar Garden Lights

Brand: SRESKY Model: SRESKY - Solar Garden Light - ESL-25 PRO
100LM - Solar Garden Light SRESKY - ESL-25 PROIlluminate your secret garden with our solar power, wireless garden light. Tower type lens for decoration and lighting. Maximum of 7days continuous working nights lighting even on a rainy day. Battery temperature & control technology (TCS) protects t..
Ex Tax:$8,450.00
Brand: SRESKY Model: SRESKY - Solar Garden Light - SGL-07-PRO
160LM Mirage Solar Bollard Garden Light SRESKY - SGL-07-PROThe Star8 Mirage Solar Bollard Light integrates a solar panel, LED light and Lithium-ion battery into a single product. With its low energy, long life and high luminance maintenance free features, the Star8 Mirage is a winning..
Ex Tax:$8,450.00
Brand: Carisol Model: SPC- Solar Barn Light - SWL-50
5,000 LM Solar Barn Light  SPC - SWL-50Specifically design for In-door and Outdoor usage and IP65 rating compliant, with multi settings based on sunlight conditions. With IP65 Rating without a Motion Senor. Multi stage light intensity adjustment to fit your needs for Room or Barn light, On/Off ..
Ex Tax:$16,500.00
Brand: FOS Model: FOS - Solar Garden Light - FOSLSTL-AIO15WCW
6500k  - All In One Solar Garden Light FOS - FOSLSTL-AIO15WCWThe 15W (60W LED Chips) ALL-IN-ONE SOLAR LED STREET LIGHT is the ultimate outdoor street lamp that eliminates the need for external wiring and circuitry. This lamp is a simple plug-&-play solution which is ready for use once fitte..
Ex Tax:$21,000.00
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