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Solar Components

Brand: Outback Power Model: Outback-FlexMax-FM60-MPPT
60Amp - Charge Controller Outback - FlexMax - FM60-MPPTThe Outback Power FLEXmax line of charge controllers stand out among their competition as one of the very best and most versatile controllers available. OutBack’s advanced MPPT algorithm delivers as much as 30% more power to your batteries vs s..
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Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 371
Nominal 12 VDC for standard output Standard MC4 / MC4 Compatible wire leads from J-Box Great low light performance..
Ex Tax:JMD$21,735.00
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 356
Use GP-DC-KIT2 for easy hook-up to the battery 2 AC outlets to plug into Over voltage, under voltage and overload protection..
Ex Tax:JMD$59,409.00
Brand: Synthesis Model: SP100P
MADE IN ITALY NEW SP100P  SYNTHESIS 100W 12VDC SOLAR PANEL IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING,  SHIPS SAME DAY TRANSIT TIME 1 TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS DEPENDING ON STATE With a power output ranging from 10W up to 150W our off-grid solar panels are very versatile,  and can be..
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Brand: Specialty Concepts Model: ASC 12/12
The ASC photovoltaic battery charge controller is ideal for 1-4 solar panel systems. This unit offers unsurpassed protection to your batteries from overcharging. This rugged unit holds the record for high reliability since 1981. The standard ASC is UL recognized and is FM approved for hazardous loca..
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Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 315
Compatibility: PC board replacement process. Smart grid ready. Safety: Arc Fault Circuit Interruption. SuperFlex Design. User-Friendly: Wi-FI Interface. SnapINverter mounting system...
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Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 390
High cycle life Stronger internal cell connections Fully sealed, maintenance-free..
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Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 389
High cycle life Stronger internal cell connections Fully sealed, maintenance-free..
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Brand: Lota Model:  IOT-36020
The IOTA DLS-54-13 Converter/Charger was designed with the RV user in mind...providing clean output for the operation of DC equipment, virtually silent fan operation, and the built-in protection features that guard the unit against low transient AC voltage from pedestal supplies. Additionally, featu..
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Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 357
Premium DC to AC pure sine wave power Wide voltage range Durable, low profile design Powersave mode Full overload protection..
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Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 360
High efficiency Temperature controlled cooling fan – reduces energy consumption Low interference Wide operating DC input range: 21.4 - 33.0 VDC Commercial grade design suitable for heavy duty loads, long periods of continuous operation & for emergency back up..
Ex Tax:JMD$84,042.00
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 369
Continous AC Power Output: 2000 Watts Peak Efficiency: 86.00% Maximum DC Input Voltage: 17.00 Volts Maximum DC Input Current: 225.00 Amps..
Ex Tax:JMD$228,216.80
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