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Brand: Outback Power Model: SE-EP-FWPV-12
DescriptionDesigned to survive in outdoor environments, the rainproof, UL type 3R powder coated aluminum chassis can be mounted on a wall, sloped roof or pole. The unique angled negative terminal bus bar design makes wiring fast and easy without the larger output conductors blocking access to the sm..
Ex Tax:JMD$20,748.65
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: SE-EP-RNW8651017
DetailsSchneider Electric Conext SW AC Circuit Breaker Panel for 120/240 Volts ACThe AC Breaker Panel (120 / 240 V) is pre-wired for quick installation with a single Conext SW inverter and ensures a safe and code compliant connection to a secondary AC distribution panel or directly to AC loads. The ..
Ex Tax:JMD$62,100.00
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: SE-EP-RNW865101301
DETAILSConext™ XW+ Power Distribution Panels (XW+ PDP and Mini PDP) are factory-wired and labeled to support the integration of multiple Conext XW+ inverter/chargers and Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers with a single battery bank. The XW+ PDP and Mini PDP ships with breakers, bus bars and cables..
Ex Tax:JMD$82,680.00
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: SE-EP-RNW865101501
DescriptionXW+ Power Distribution Panel (Includes XW+ Conduit Box)The XW+ Power Distribution Panel (XW+ PDP) is factory-wired and labeled to support a code- compliant single-inverter installation.It has plenty of room to add wiring and breakers to expand the XW+ System with up to three inverters, fo..
Ex Tax:JMD$160,000.00
Brand: Magnum Model: SE-EP-MMP175-30D
Product descriptionMagnum Energy MMP175-30D MMP-Series Mini Panel with 175A (fits 48 VDC models) DC Breaker and 30A Dual Pole AC Input Breaker Fits one ME, RD, MS, MS-AE or MS-PAEThe Magnum Panels (MP) are part of a new line of enclosures from Magnum Energy that standardize inverter installations an..
Ex Tax:JMD$77,625.00
Brand: Magnum Model: SE-EP-MMP250-30D
DescriptionThe new Mini Magnum Energy MMP is an inclusive, easy-to-install panel designed to work with a Magnum MS-AE, MS, RD or other non-Magnum inverter/charger. At 12.5″ wide x 18″ tall x 8″ deep, it is called “mini” because of its small footprint. It is front-mounted with breakers and remote giv..
Ex Tax:JMD$77,625.00
Brand: Midnite Solar Model: MNE250SW
"Inverter battery breaker, knockouts for up to 6 din rail mount AC or DC breakers (or the optional Bypass Kit) and 4 panel mount or DC-GFP80 breakers. Massive tin plated copper bus bars directly connect to the SWs battery terminals, bus bars for AC inputs, AC output, neutral, ground, PV + ..
Ex Tax:JMD$74,874.65
Brand: Midnite Solar Model: MNE250XW
The XW inverter is mounted directly above the E-Panel for a 16" assembly.Inverter battery breakerTwo separate 60 amp AC inputs for generator and utility60 amp AC bypass switchKnockouts for up to seven din rail mount DC-GFP63 or AC breakers and 12 panel mount or DC-GFP80 breakers.Massive tin plated c..
Ex Tax:JMD$144,900.00
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: SE-EP-RNW8651016
Schneider Conext SW DC Switchgear (DC Breaker Panel)The Conext SW DC Switchgear is the DC breaker box to use with a single Schneider Conext SW series inverter/charger (SW 2524, SW 4024, and SW 4048), installing easily right next to it.The DC Switchgear is pre-wired and ensures a safe, code-compliant..
Ex Tax:JMD$45,000.00
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: SE-EP-RNW865102501
XW+ Conduit Box(Included w/ XW+ Power Distribution Panel)The XW+ Conduit Box mounts directly to the bottom of an inverter/charger to safely protect end-users from inadvertent contact with wiring or connections.It comes bundled with the XW+ Power Distribution Panel and the XW+ Connection Kit; however..
Ex Tax:JMD$39,330.00
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: SE-EP-GSLC175-PV-120/240
DescriptionSimple and Safe Installation for Radian InvertersDesigned to work with OutBack Power’s Radian inverter/chargers and Hub Communications Manager, OutBack’s GS Load Center (GSLC) will make installation of your power center easy and simple. Wholesale Solar uses these in their own pre-wired, p..
Ex Tax:JMD$180,000.00
Brand: Midnite Solar Model: MNDC-250
MNDC 250-Plus.This version adds another din rail allowing up to ten din rail mount breakers.  Two din rail cover plates and two panel mount plates are included.  The panel mount plates allow for mounting the .75″ 125VDC breakers that range from 60 amps to 100 amps. ..
Ex Tax:JMD$13,185.90
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