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Brand: Midnite Solar Model: MNBCB 1000/100
Midnite Solar > MN-Battery Combiner with 1000A Bus bars and 100mV shunt for OutBack SystemsMidNite 1000amp battery combiner boxNot for use with SMAUseful for dual Radian inverters as well as for combining multiple strings of batteries.Includes a 1000amp Positive and Negative bus bar with 3/8 inch..
Ex Tax:JMD$5,800.00
Brand: Midnite Solar Model: MNTBB
The MNTBB has four 1/0 & eleven #6 useable wire slots with a current rating of 180 amps. It is purchasable with two lengths of 10-32 screws. Both copper and aluminum wire is acceptable for use with these busbars and it is constructed from tin-plated aluminum. It has a Type – 1 environmental rati..
Ex Tax:JMD$5,071.50
Brand: Fronius Model: Datamanager 2.0 4-240-038-Z
The Fronius Datamanager is the communications centre for Fronius inverters in every type of application. Whenever it is connected to the internet via a LAN or WLAN, the Fronius Datamanager sends the PV system values directly to the Fronius Solar.web online portal. This provides you with an overview ..
Ex Tax:JMD$58,000.00
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: RNW865108001
DescriptionBattery Bank Monitoring with Battery String Health DetectionSchneiders Conext Battery Monitor indicates hours of battery based runtime and determines battery bank state of charge. The Conext Battery Monitor shares key battery bank parameters with Schneider Conext XW+ inverter/chargers imp..
Ex Tax:JMD$65,577.60
Brand: Enecsys Model: EL-MI-SMI-240-60
We are offering a rack mount Enecsys SMI-240-60 240-watt micro inverter for standard 60-cell panels (most panels sold today for residential use) These microinverters were designed and built by Enecsys to beat the Enphase M250 microinverters, and boast an efficiency of over 96% (see attached specific..
Ex Tax:JMD$31,878.00
Brand: Fronius Model: 43-0001-3529
Are you facing feed-in limitations for a solar system, or would you like to monitor a house’s energy consumption? Fronius has you covered: Introducing the Fronius Smart Meter, a bidirectional energy meter.  Thanks to high accuracy and fast communication via Modbus RTU, th..
Ex Tax:JMD$60,500.00
Brand: Fronius Model: 43-0001-3530
FRONIUS Smart Meter US-480v 480-3 UL Fronius Smart Meter US-480v 480-3 UL Bidirectional energy meter for feed-in management and energy consumption monitoring Item Code 43,0001,3530The Fronius Smart Meter is compatible with the Fronius Galvo, Fronius Primo, Fronius Symo, and the up-in-coming Fro..
Ex Tax:JMD$57,691.00
Brand: Midnite Solar Model: MNWBJR
DescriptionMidnite Solar’s Whiz Bank Jr. Battery MonitorThe Whiz Bang Jr is a current sense module that attaches to the standard 50mv / 500A Shunt and wires into the Classic and KID Charge controllers to give Amperage readings from the shunt. This allows for EndAmps to function based on System amps ..
Ex Tax:JMD$10,143.00
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: RNW8651058
Advanced diagnostics for solar and battery systemsThe Conext™ ComBox is a powerful communications and monitoring device for installers and operators of Conext solar systems. It features an integrated web server, enabling graphical displays of system daily, monthly and lifetime energy data to be view..
Ex Tax:JMD$56,000.00
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: XWAGS
Xantrex Communication GatewayManufacturer Part Number: 865-1055The Xantrex Communication Gateway bridges the gap between a Xantrex GT or XW System and the system owner’s computer, making it the central component for a residential or small commercial remote monitoring system. The Gateway logs perform..
Ex Tax:JMD$27,686.25
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: RNW8650329
The new Conext Gateway provides local system configuration and management  as well as live system monitoring for the residential and commercial range of solar and battery applications. To accelerate the installation and system setup process, the Conext Gateway offers&..
Ex Tax:JMD$85,000.00
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: RNW865105001
PRODUCT OVERVIEW The Schneider Electric XW System Control Panel (XW SCP) features a graphical,  backlit LCD display that provides system configuration and diagnostic information for devices connected to the Xanbus-enabled network. The XW SCP gives a single point of contro..
Ex Tax:JMD$36,545.85
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