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Brand: Seco Model: Seco-Larm Keypad-SK-1011-SDQ
Enforcer Access Control Keypad Seco-Larm-SK-1011-SDQControl access to an indoor area for up to 1,000 permanent users and 50 temporary guests with the Seco-Larm Enforcer Access Control Keypad (Indoor). The 12-button keypad is set in a durable stainless-steel single-gang plate. It features a real-time..
Ex Tax:JMD$6,051.50
Brand: Seco Model: Seco-Larm Card Reader-PR-112S-A
Stand-Alone Proximity Reader Seco-Larm-PR-112S-AThe ENFORCER® PR-112S-A Proximity Card Reader provides a flexible solution for securing controlled access. The stylish case and small size make it ideal for use in most residential, commercial, and industrial sites. The wave-shaped LED status bar accen..
Ex Tax:JMD$19,045.00
Brand: Seco Model: Seco-Larm Keypad-SK-1123-SQ
Weather Resistant Rugged Illuminated Keypad Seco-Larm-SK-1123-SQ• 1,100 Users over 2 Outputs• Super user code gives admin access to keypad• Programmable egress input with optional warning alarm and delayed egress• Real-time clock to auto-disable access at specific times• Up to 50 possible temporary ..
Ex Tax:JMD$14,755.00
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