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Commercial Fans

Brand: Windy Model: WN-OCF-WOF-16
Product Description16" Orbital Ceiling3-Sprang Metal BladesFan 110v/50Hz3 Speed Wall Regulator..
Ex Tax:$6,295.00
18 inch Orbital Ceiling Fan Windy WOF-18
Brand: Windy Model: WD-OCF-WOF-18
Product Description18" Orbital Ceiling3-Sprang Metal BladesFan 110v/50Hz3 Speed Wall Regulator..
Ex Tax:$14,995.00
Brand: Sealey Model: Sealey-Floor fan-HVF-20
Product Description20" Industrial High Velocity Floor FanFansIndustrial..
Ex Tax:$12,876.75
Brand: Windy Model: WN-hiogh-Velocity-HVS-20
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION20" High Velocity Standing FanOscillateAdjustable HeightAll metal powerful air flow20" Metal Blade110v/50Hz..
Ex Tax:$16,308.15
Brand: Windy Model: WN-WF-CWF-20
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION20" Industrial Wall FanOscillatesAll Metal Powerful Airflow 5100CFM110v / 50Hz..
Ex Tax:$15,323.25
Brand: Windy Model: WN-WF-CWF-25
Product Description25″ High-Velocity Oscillating Wall FanHigh-Velocity FanPowerful Air Flow25″ metal blade size110V/50HZ...
Ex Tax:$29,349.85
Brand: Windy Model: WN-WF-HVW-20
Product Description20″ Wall FanHigh-Velocity FanPowerful Air Flow20″ metal blade size110V/50HZ...
Ex Tax:$13,561.37
Brand: Wintek Model: Wintek-Industrial Wall Fan-WWFC-20
20" Industrial Wall Fan Wintek - WWFC-20..
Ex Tax:$12,995.00
Brand: Windy Model: WN-SF-CSF-25
Product Description25″ High VelocityIndustrial Oscillating Pedestal FanAdjustable..
Ex Tax:$32,611.85
Brand: Windy Model: Windy Misting Standing Fan-WMS-26
Product Description26" Misting Standing Fan 110v/50Hz7769CFM110volts/50HzBuild on Water TankMetal Blades Mobile (on wheels)..
Ex Tax:$54,995.00
Brand: Windy Model: WN-SF-CSF-30
Product Description30" Industrial Standing FanOscillatesAll Metal Powerful Airflow9800CFM110v / 50Hz..
Ex Tax:$37,504.85
Brand: Windy Model: WN-WF-CWF-30
Product Description30″ High-Velocity Oscillating Wall FanHigh-Velocity FanPowerful Air Flow30″ metal blade size110V/50HZ...
Ex Tax:$34,242.85
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