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Spa and Relaxation

Brand: Conair Model: Conair Foot Spa-CON-FB27R
Pedicure Foot Spa Conair-CON-FB27R Features of Conair Relaxing Foot Bath with Heat, Bubbles & 3 Attachments: One touch pad control for the bubbles and heat. 2 Bubble strips. 3 Pedicure attachments with a storage attachment. Nonslip feet. Attractive translucent splash guard. UL and CUL liste..
Ex Tax:$5,651.10
Brand: Conair Model: Conair Foot Spa-CON-FB33R
Pedicure Foot Spa Conair-CON-FB33REnjoy a luxurious foot treatment with the Conair® Heat Sense Foot and Pedicure Spa with Heated Bubble Massage. Soothe and invigorate achy foot muscles and joints with the foot spa designed to deliver a complete, warm massage in the comfort of your home.A single toe-..
Ex Tax:$5,651.10
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