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1.5 Pressure Tanks LeeYoo VT80L
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Brand: LeeYoo Model: LY-PT-VT80L
Product DescriptionReplacealble membrane pressure tanksCarbon steelWorking temperatureButyl: -20℃/ 99℃Epdm:-20℃/99℃Natural rubber:0℃/77℃..
Ex Tax:$19,563.85
1in x 1in 100 cm Flexible iron hose ASPIRA FH100
In Stock
Brand: Aspira Model: ASPIRA-IRON-HOSE-FH100
Product DescriptionPackage length (mm)100Package width (mm)50Package height (mm)40Package weight (kg)0.65..
Ex Tax:$1.00
220 V Pressure Control GWS PWP-220-B
In Stock
Brand: GWS Model: GWS-Pressure-control- PWP-220-B
Product DescriptionPumpWave Plus™ is a compact solution that combines a pump controller with an integrated 3L pressure tank. It is ideal for applications where space is limited. The PumpWave Plus™ is easy to install as you simply connect it to the pump and the system is ready to go.  The PumpWave™ P..
Ex Tax:$7,331.35
3/4in Foot Valve Brass FVALVES
In Stock
Brand: Brass Model: BRASS-Foot-Valve-FVALVES
Product DescriptionA Foot-Valve and Strainer is a non-return valve that is designed to be put on the end of a hose to suction lift out of tanks, rivers and lakes. The strainer stops any debris from finding its way into the pump and the non-return valve will then keep the prime in the hose as well ma..
Ex Tax:$1.00
36L Pressure Tanks Global Market HT36L
In Stock
Brand: Global Market Model: GM-Pressure-Tank-HT36L
Product DescriptionReplaceable membrane pressure tanksCarbon steel flangeWorking temperatureButyl: -20/99º CEPDM: : -20/99º CNatural rubber※Replaceable membrane pressure tanks※Carbon steel flange※Working temperature※Butyl: -20/99º C※EPDM: : -20/99º C※Natural rubber: 0/77º CPowerPneumaticStructureSin..
Ex Tax:$12,224.35
6.3uf Capacitor Run Type VARIOUS CAP6.3
In Stock
Brand: VARIOUS Model: VARIOUS-Capacitor-CAP6.3
Cap6.3 - capacitor 6.3uF 475V.Run capacitor to suit various pumps and motors 6.3uF, 475 V..
Ex Tax:$310.00
FYG -22 Pressure Switch SQUARE D SD_FYG/22 FYG -22 Pressure Switch SQUARE D SD_FYG/22
In Stock
Brand: Square D Model: SQD-Pressure-switchesSD_FYG/22
Product DescriptionFYG -22 Pressure SwitchINSTALLATION & USEThe FYG Pressure Switches are switches for power circuits. They are used to control the pressure of water up between 2.8 – 7.0 bar.These pressure switches have adjustable differential.TECHNICAL DETAILS:Rated current: 10 A at 250 V AC confor..
Ex Tax:$1,622.85
MC/6 and MR/10 Pressure Gauge PEDROLLO MC/6-MR/10
In Stock
Brand: Pedrollo Model: PD-Pressure-Gauge-MC/6-MR/10
Product DescriptionMR/10 Pressure Gauge1/4 ” Radial Fitting63mm DiameterScale: 0-10 BarMC/6 Pressure Gauge1/4 ” Central Fitting50mm DiameterScale: 0-6 Bar..
Ex Tax:$1.00
Mechanical Seals Mseales
In Stock
Mechanical Seals JET/JSP..
Ex Tax:$1.00
R3/R5 Connector, 3 Way 5 way Brass PD/R3-BRASS
In Stock
Product DescriptionThree and Five-Way Brass Connector Fittings with 1″ Gas Connectionsconnectors r3way Bronze Connectors r5way Bronze..
Ex Tax:$1,133.55
T/80 Float Switches PEDROLLO PD/T/80/FS
In Stock
Brand: Pedrollo Model: PD-FS-PD/T/80/FS
Product DescriptionT/80 Float SwitchDual function (emptying or filling) float switch,  With PVC cable available in 3 sizes. Double watertight protection chamber and 10 A switch(*) . When ordering, please specify cable length (3, 5 or 10 metres)..
Ex Tax:$2,933.00
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