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Solar Components

Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 371
Nominal 12 VDC for standard output Standard MC4 / MC4 Compatible wire leads from J-Box Great low light performance..
Ex Tax:JMD$21,735.00
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 356
Use GP-DC-KIT2 for easy hook-up to the battery 2 AC outlets to plug into Over voltage, under voltage and overload protection..
Ex Tax:JMD$59,409.00
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 361
• Completely encapsulated for environmental protection (suitable for outdoor mounting) • 100% solid state charge control • Reverse leakage protection -blocking diode..
Ex Tax:JMD$8,694.00
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 315
Compatibility: PC board replacement process. Smart grid ready. Safety: Arc Fault Circuit Interruption. SuperFlex Design. User-Friendly: Wi-FI Interface. SnapINverter mounting system...
Ex Tax:JMD$550,620.00
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 390
High cycle life Stronger internal cell connections Fully sealed, maintenance-free..
Ex Tax:JMD$50,715.00
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 389
High cycle life Stronger internal cell connections Fully sealed, maintenance-free..
Ex Tax:JMD$92,446.20
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 290
Clean Dc Output Line /Load Regulation Reverse Polarity Protection Dual Volatage Jack IQ4 SMART -CHARGE OPERATION..
Ex Tax:JMD$68,827.50
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 357
Premium DC to AC pure sine wave power Wide voltage range Durable, low profile design Powersave mode Full overload protection..
Ex Tax:JMD$84,042.00
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 360
High efficiency Temperature controlled cooling fan – reduces energy consumption Low interference Wide operating DC input range: 21.4 - 33.0 VDC Commercial grade design suitable for heavy duty loads, long periods of continuous operation & for emergency back up..
Ex Tax:JMD$84,042.00
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 319
SELECTABLE CHARGING MODES - 20A charger with 10A load control, 30A charger without load control p/v input voltage maximum - 60 volts..
Ex Tax:JMD$37,674.00
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 369
Continous AC Power Output: 2000 Watts Peak Efficiency: 86.00% Maximum DC Input Voltage: 17.00 Volts Maximum DC Input Current: 225.00 Amps..
Ex Tax:JMD$228,216.80
Brand: Stanley Tools Model: 358
High inverter efficiency – 90% 100 amp battery converter/charger 100 amp automatic transfer switch (50 amps per leg at 240V AC) Built-in handles offer easier handling during installation..
Ex Tax:JMD$127,330.00
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