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Brand: Go Power! Model: GP-OG-ISW1000-12
Inverters.The inverter is a critical part of any solar electric system that needs to power any AC (Alternating Current) loads. AC power is the type of electricity that the electric utility grid provides homes and businesses. So AC loads would include anything plugged into a typical household outlet...
Ex Tax:JMD$59,409.00
Brand: Go Power! Model: GP-ISW1500-12
Strong performer for larger loadsClean, pure source of AC powerOutput: 1500 Watts; two GFCI outletsInput: 12 voltDimensions: 16.6" x 9.8" x 3.3"Premium DC to AC pure sine wave powerDurable, low profile designWide voltage rangeFull overload protectionPowersave modeSpecification Sheet [PDF ]..
Ex Tax:JMD$84,042.00
Brand: Go Power! Model: GP-OG-ISW2000-12
Go Power! 2000-Watt Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter takes 12 volt DC battery power and converts it to an exact replica of AC household power. It is guaranteed to continuously run any load up to 2000 watts (as long as your battery bank can handle a 200 amp DC per hour power draw). the ISW2000 come..
Ex Tax:JMD$127,330.00
Brand: Go Power! Model: GP-PVI-34280178
Go Power RV Inverters - 342801783000 WattsGo PowerModified Sine Wave InverterInverter/Backup Power Functions12VHeavy Duty - Large Loads3,000-Watt inverter lets you use appliances and devices wherever the road takes you. Modifed sine wave technology is perfect for appliances with resistive loads like..
Ex Tax:JMD$188,370.00
Brand: Go Power! Model: GP-OG-SW300-12
Part Number: GP-SW300-12For smaller loads under 300 watts, the GP Sine Wave 300 is perfect. Good for small loads that need the clean power of sine wave. Pure Sine Wave Advantage:Motors run cooler and last longerMicrowaves heat in normal timesTV monitors will be crystal clear (as good as using c..
Ex Tax:JMD$40,327.00
Brand: Go Power! Model: GP-OG-SW600-12
For slightly larger loads, a GP Sine Wave 600 is perfect. The unit features a compact design and clean quality output. This unit is used in many fleet truck applications. 12 and 24 Volt input available. Pure Sine Wave Advantage:Motors run cooler and last longerMicrowaves heat in normal timesTV ..
Ex Tax:JMD$55,786.50
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