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Brand: Whirlpool Model: WP-MW-WMC10007
Product Description0.7 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with Electronic Touch ControlsSleek electronic touch controls allow for easy navigation through multiple cooking modes and options, while the smooth surface makes cleanup simple. With 0.7 cu. ft. of capacity in this Whirlpool® countertop microwave,..
Ex Tax:JMD$10,120.00
Brand: Whirlpool Model: WP-MW-WMS07ZDHS
Product DescriptionWhirlpool 0.7 Cu. Ft. Microwave with Mirror FinishClock-timerAllows you to see the time and keep track of the cooking time.Interior lightBetter visualization of your preparations without having to open the microwave door.Digital panelIt gives you greater precision and information ..
Ex Tax:JMD$10,615.00
Brand: Whirlpool Model: WP-MW-WMC10511AW
Product DescriptionFeaturesSensor CookingTake the guesswork out of microwave meals. You can cook with confidence, knowing that a built-in sensor monitors the humidity level of food for you, adjusting time and temperature as needed during the cooking process.1,000 Watts Cooking PowerOur countertop mi..
Ex Tax:JMD$15,950.00
Brand: Whirlpool Model: WP-MW-WMC3051AS
Product DescriptionWhirlpool 1.6 Cu.Ft. Microwave add 30 Seconds Quickly set the microwave to cook for 30 or 60 seconds at 100% power by pressing this button. Or, press it to add 30 or 60 seconds to a manual setting that is already in progress. Control Lock Disables the control panel to avoid uninte..
Ex Tax:JMD$29,150.00
Brand: Whirlpool Model: WP-MW-WMH31017HS
Product DescriptionThis Whirlpool® microwave has convenient features that are easy to use no matter who's doing the cooking. Our microwave with a turntable accommodates various dish sizes while microwave presets deliver the right amount of time and heat. Plus, electronic touch controls are easy to u..
Ex Tax:JMD$47,300.00
Brand: Whirlpool Model: MT-TLW-3LMVWC315FW
Product DescriptionWash your clothes the American way with this Maytag top loading commercial washing machine. Boasting a whopping 15kg capacity and 11 wash programmes, you'll have plenty of space and options for different wash loads. Thanks to the Intellisense technology, you'll save up to 70% in t..
Ex Tax:JMD$83,600.00
Brand: Whirlpool Model: WP-TLW-8MWTW1621EQ
Product DescriptionWith 16kgs of washing capacity, 9 washing cycles, a faster dirt removing agitator, a wash basket made of stainless steel and the capabilities to wash in three different temperatures, the Whirlpool 16 Kgs Automatic Washing Machine is a choice for life.Features:Capacity: 16 KgsBleac..
Ex Tax:JMD$61,600.00
Brand: Whirlpool Model: WP-TLW-2MWTW1915
Product DescriptionWhirlpool 19 KgSmooth Wave Stainless Steel Wash Basket:The Smooth Wave stainless steel wash basket gently guides clothes and helps protect fabrics from fraying and snags.Quick Wash Cycle:Our Quick Wash cycle can wash small loads in as little as 28 minutes1. It uses increased spin ..
Ex Tax:JMD$69,300.00
Brand: Whirlpool Model: WHB-53 530LT
2 Door Whirlpool Chest Freezer..
Ex Tax:JMD$77,000.00
Brand: Whirlpool Model: WP-CF-WZC3122DW
Product DescriptionWhirlpool® 22 cu. ft. Chest Freezer There's always room for your frozen favorites inside this 22 cu. ft. capacity chest freezer. Spills are a snap to wipe up with smooth, rounded Easy Clean Corners and you'll be able to keep food safe in this chest freezer with the secure key..
Ex Tax:JMD$86,000.00
Brand: Whirlpool Model: WP-CF-WZC3122DW
Product DescriptionWZC3122DW Whirlpool 22 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer with Extra Large Capacity - WhiteThere's always room for your frozen favorites inside this 22 cu. ft. capacity chest freezer. Spills are a snap to wipe up with smooth, rounded Easy Clean Corners and you'll be able to keep food safe in t..
Ex Tax:JMD$94,600.00
Brand: Whirlpool Model: MT-TLW-3LMEDC415
DescriptionMaytag 27.5" Top Load Washer with 3.6 cu. ft. CapacityMaytag top load washers are built to handle the most demanding jobs with the Best Cleaning in their class driven by the PowerWash cycle which attacks stains with extra cleaning action from the PowerWash Agitator, extended cycle times a..
Ex Tax:JMD$68,200.00
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