Jamaicans in the Caricom are introduced to solar hybrid air conditionersJuly 31, 2012



And the Sun still shines in the Caribbean.

Read your newspaper, listen to the news, and watch the television and you will find that they all have in common one synonymous theme on these mediums. Rising energy cost, high electricity bills and pressures to reduce your carbon footprint.

You still need to feel comfortable in your home or office, yet when you reach for the air conditioning remote the thought of the expense to operate the same simply adds to the pressure of the hot summer€™s day. Now you can relax, as there is a cost effective solution to your air conditioning needs without blowing your cool or your pocket.

The Carisol Hybrid Air Conditioner is the latest addition to a range of appliances that utilizes the sun and ambient air temperatures to improve by up to 30% the cost of running a inverter type air conditioner.

How does it work? The Hybrid Air Conditioner functions using a combination of solar assistance and conventional mains power. Heat is collected through a solar collector with the ambient air temperature and is transferred to the medium (refrigerant gas) in a simple yet effective heat exchange process. This process pre heats the refrigerant gas, resulting in significant reductions in the time the compressor unit operates in order to maintain the optimal gas pressures within the system.

Efficiency Gains; With the Hybrid Air Conditioner the compressor is not turning on as often or as long compared to a inverter type unit. The Compressor life is also extended, as it is not working as hard or as long on those really hot days. The hotter it gets outside the greater the efficiency gains on the inside. The reduced requirement for the compressor to operate in the air conditioning cycle equates to reduced power usage for the air conditioning process to be undertaken. The hybrid air conditioner is therefore less expensive to run due to its reduced reliance on electricity to operate.

The hybrid solar assisted air conditioner has been designed to perform in the toughest environments.

It€™s an eco friendly, energy and money saving product.

Key points; The Hybrid Solar Assisted Air Conditioner operates at least 30% more efficiently than a comparable sized inverter type air conditioner.

The solar collector operates as a heat exchange; it does not generate its own electricity.

All units come with a factory and distributer backed domestic and commercial warranty