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M6 x 90mm L-Foot Chiko - CK-FZH-LF

M6 x 90mm L-Foot Chiko - CK-FZH-LF
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M6 x 90mm L-Foot Chiko - CK-FZH-LF
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  • Model: Chiko L-Foot - CK-FZH-LF
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Solar Panel L Foot kit exceeds the competition in quality, reliability and efficiency, it not only can be used with YANGLIN's Aluminum rail profiles, but also with other manufacturers rail is ok. Application to metal roof or flashed mounting systems.


  • Special long vertical slot design for adjustment rail height;
  • Serrated on the sides for secure mounting on the rail more stronger;
  • With or without hardware depend on your request.
  • Made of high strength Aluminum 6005-T5 alloy.

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