Solar Flashlights

Our advanced technology solar led flashlight is an energy saving, environmentally friendly and innovative product. Led lighting is super bright and pleasant with a 50000 hours long lifespan.

When the solar collector has discharged or dimmed, simply recharge using any light source; sunlight is best but ambient or artificial light works too. Store or use; and then comfortably repeat the procedure again as needed. Guaranteed to work every time you pick it up and click!

Don€™t be left in the dark.

  • Powered by the sun
  • Comes in weather proof and non-weather proof
  • Holds charge longer
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 8-14 hrs of operation
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Cooler lighting
  • Super bright led

Solar lighting follows a very simple principle. In short, light rays are collected and then converted into energy before being passed to an actual power source that can feed into a light. More technically, a solar collector harvests the UV rays from direct sunlight and turns them into electrical currents using semiconductors. The current is passed along to an energy storage unit such as rechargeable batteries where it can then directly pass that current along into whatever is being operated.

  • Poly silicon solar panel
  • Bright white LEDs for focused light beam, each output 35000MCD
  • AA rechargeable batteries included
  • 6-8 hours under sunlight for fully charging inside batteries
  • Fully charged by sunlight, it can provide 8-14hrs illumination
  • Tough outer body