Street Lighting Systems

The solar LED street light is an integrated mast head fitting which employs photovoltaic modules and a electronic controller to charge batteries which operate the LED lamp unit. The advanced system controller offers a night/day sensor for automatic switching. Solar High Power LED Street Light, is a new, energy-saving product that utilizes high power LED’s as light source, the product is safe, reliable, and has low energy-consumption and a long life span. VITO LED Street Light is especially suitable to use in public places such as parks, courtyards, open squares, streets, and roadways.

The advantages of the cost effectiveness of using LED lighting compared to the conventional sodium lamps are undeniable. Using the sun as the power source offers a new dimension. In addition to the average 80% reduction in power consumption provided by LED lighting in comparison to most conventional systems, the solar lamp can be installed in remote areas eliminating the need for expensive cables or excavation works offering free, clean and efficient solar lighting.

Low-cost installation. No trenching, no heavy cable, quick and easy installation anywhere.

Low maintenance and long product life. 25 years warranty on solar panels and LED/Induction lighting fixture is rated for 60,000 hours of maintenance free operation, sealed deep cycle maintenance free battery.

Green Power Light Source. 40-80% less power consumption than other light sources. Our LED/Induction lights emit no light pollution, provides bright white light which improves color recognition and improves night visibility from 400%-1000% over other light sources.

Flexible design and configuration. Our solar lights can be easily configured to suite your requirements with solar module, wind module and battery banks.

Advanced logic control unit. Our Solar light controller provides easy configuration, automatic operations and advanced work modes.

3-5 days backup power. For rainy, windless and cloudy days.

Grid-independence no bills to pay. Our Street light still operates even when the power grid is down, and even better, there will never be an electricity bill to pay.

The solar street light works on the principle of the photovoltaic cell or solar cell. The solar cell converts solar energy to the electrical energy which is stored in the battery. The solar lamp draws the current from this battery and it requires no other wiring.

The solar street lights use solar energy, a form of the renewable energy. These days it is common to see the solar street lamps along the sides of roads. The solar street lights comprise of the photovoltaic cells, which absorb the solar energy during daytime. The photovoltaic cells convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery. At the nighttime the lamp starts automatically and it consumes the electricity already stored in the battery. During the day time the battery gets recharged and the process keeps on repeating every day.

1) Sodium Vapor Lights: The sodium street lights use sodium in excited state to discharge the light. These lights comprise of the solar panels that absorb the solar energy during daytime, which is converted into electricity and stored in the batteries. At nighttime the sodium lamps consume electricity from rechargeable battery. There is no wiring required for these lamps, there are no electricity bills to be paid, they are very safe and can light the streets from 4 to 12 hours depending on the size of the solar panels and battery. The sodium solar street lights can be used for lighting streets, public places, residential areas, parks, plaza etc.

2) Solar LED lights: LED stands for light emitting diode. LED comprises of the chemical compound that gives of the light when direct current (DC) from the battery passes through it. Solar LEDs are available from number of companies in different sizes, shapes and styles. The life of LED is usually very high extending up to 50,000 hours. The LEDs require very little current hence the solar panels of smaller sizes are required for the solar lights with LED lamps.

3) Solar light controller: Solar lights using induction technology: In this technique the lamps used in the solar lights do not contain the filament or the electrodes that tend to get damaged faster, thus ensuring very high life of the lamp. The life of the lamp in solar street lights based on induction technology can be more than 10, 0000 hours, which is almost 100 times the life of the incandescent lamps. These results in lower maintenance and electrical costs and fewer disturbances caused to the traffic on the road. Since these lights are based in induction technology, they generate lesser heat, thus permitting the use of aluminum reflectors that increases the intensity of the light produced by the lamp.

Solar Panels

30W-150w Mono or poly Solar Panel
Lifetime: 25 years
TUV, CE Approved
Quality Warranty: 5 years
90% power of 10 years
80% power of 20 years


Super bright LED Lamp
Work Voltage: 12V dc or 24 V dc
Protect Grade: IP65
Lifetime: 50,000 ~60,000 hours
Quality Warranty: 2 years
CE, ROHS approved


GEL or Deep cycle battery
40AH to 200AH 12V DC
Sealed lead-acid
Maintenance free
Lifetime: 5 years
Quality Warranty: 2 years
CE, UL approved


1A €“ 20A Solar Charge Controller for lamp
Timer and light sensor
Water-proof design
6V 12V 24v DC Work Voltage
PWM and MPPT Solar charge Controller
Quality Warranty:2 years
CE, ROHS approved

Battery box ( buried underground or affixed to lamp pole )

Waterproof & pressure proof
Buried under or Fixed on the pole
Quality Warranty: 5 years

Light pole

3.5m to 10m length pole
Steel with zinc-plated and plastic plated pole
Lifetime: Over 25 years
Quality Warranty: 5 years
Custom-made Available

* Applications: Road lighting, industrial usages, home, school, park lighting & etc.