Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners

Solar Hybrids Pay for Themselves

Carisol Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner will pay for themselves in just a few years, by reducing your energy consumption by up to 70 per cent, compared to a similar standard inverter air conditioning system.

Carisol hybrids are reverse cycle and manufactured to the highest International standards. All our products use a unique, energy saving process to achieve up to 80% in energy savings. Systems available include €“ wall mounted, slim line and cassette styles €“ fully ducted or split system. For each option, there is a wide range of outlet (head) capacities available.   Each head unit can be operated independently.

Electricity is saved by reducing the size of the compressor and using the ambient temperature to expand (to heat) the refrigerant. It is designed to function in ambient temperature and doesn€™t need to be in direct sunlight. The more heat the collector is exposed to, the greater the efficiency.

Using innovative technology, such as solar air conditioning, can substantially help reduce energy use and our carbon foot print.