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Beats the heat… The hotter it gets the more money you save!

The demand for air-conditioning has been increasing through the last decade due to improved comfort and reoccurring higher temperatures. And with this higher demand come several problems: increase of green house emissions €“ either through leakage of cooling fluids or use of non-sustainable energy and financial strains that comes with the energy bills.

Solar thermal cooling is an eminently smart technology because demand and supply of energy coincide: solar radiation is abundantly available especially in the summer time, where the need for air-conditioning is the highest. And solar air-conditioning technologies have proved, some during more than ten years, their efficiency and reliability. These technologies use harmless cooling fluids (water generally), and much less primary energy than the conventional systems. Therefore it is about time to start using solar energy for the purpose of keeping indoor conditions during the summer comfortable.

Carisol Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners are ideal for residential, commercial and institutional solar cooling applications. This system is design to save you money 24hrs per day by using solar thermal collectors to support the refrigeration process, dramatically decreasing the amount of electricity used in cooling. The Hybrid is the most environmentally friendly, economical and efficient energy saving air conditioner available today.

Carisol Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner technology are fast becoming very popular throughout the world and is currently distributed in over 50 countries, being the most popular thermal solar air conditioners today with savings of up to 80% and more base on your local sun hours or solar radiation in you region.

Carisol offers the best quality and performance in engineering with all inner and outer steel, structure and components. Operating flow and heat / cold processing control copper tubing helps convert and send heated GREEN gasses to the air conditioners Hitachi or Panasonic compressors where solar thermal processing helps to heat the medium reducing the compressor workload, therefore saving energy usage and providing a comfortable atmosphere.

Powerful dehumidification: In order to fit the wet season, specially designed dehumidification function can remove 1.5kg water per hour (with no temperature lowering). Thus averting the discomfort caused by cooling and dehumidifying simultaneously.

Intelligent defrosting and cold resistance technology: In cold seasons or continuous air conditioning operation, the outdoor condenser tense to create a layer of cream on the condenser resulting in lower performance air-conditioning. A solar-functional air-conditioning intelligent defrosts solution resolves this problem thus always giving you the best performance.

Green environmental protection: Our air-conditioner provides a three layer protection system with dust filtering net electrostatic fiber inside vacuum and active carbon absorption layer; they can remove peculiar smell, disinfect air and filter harmful material thus keeping the air fresh. Our inside fan blower unit offers a self cleaning vacuum system that helps reduce dust and bacteria particles, immediately sending particles from the inside of your home or office to the outside. This provides a cleaner bacteria and dust free atmosphere during operation, giving you a much healthier lifestyle inside.

N.B. Independent testing found that after checking the quality of air in a room after running Carisol hybrid air conditioner for half an hour, 80% dust had been removed and 95% bacteria have been killed. .

Automatically controls horizontal vane: In order to reach set temperature rapidly, when AUTO mode is selected, the position of horizontal vane is automatically set to correspond to the operation mode to perform effective operation.

Faster cooling: Carisol solar Air Conditioners process colder air 50% faster than any air conditioner in the world with a dual processing method which provides cold air immediately as you start up your air conditioner as our inside blower units offers dual and triple evaporation processing sending much colder air to the inside of your home or business faster than any current air conditioner the market today.

Superior built

  1. 1. Zinc coated metal steel, anti-corrosion treatment, suitable to use near the sea.
  2. 2. Four-fold evaporator and two roll condenser make the unit very powerful.
  3. 3. Blue fin heat exchanger makes the unit high EER and COP, reach European standard of Class A.
  4. 4. World famous brand of compressor like Hitachi, Toshiba, Sanyo, insure the unit high quality.
  5. 5. Unit including copper pipe kits, power cord, electricity wire, remote controller, water tank, solar collector.
  6. 6. Superior frequency with inverter air conditioning technology in our indoor units using temperature to set it off, giving the end user continued daily energy savings.
  7. 7. Our solar air-conditioning technology according to the actual social situation, introduce a more cost-effective solution to air-conditioning, affordable, energy-efficiency far more than regular air-conditioning and inverter type units.

Carisol hybrid solar air-conditioning heat exchangers, as the core components within our solar technology of our air-conditioning units use heat exchange which is effective in the V-shaped, flat-plate heat exchangers increased by 20% -40% , with the refrigeration system then improving the thermal effect and providing energy savings.

A conventional air conditioning system uses a compressor powered by electricity to pressurize and heat the refrigerant gas up to about 170 degrees. It then travels into the outside condensing coils where it changes from a gas into a saturated gas (partial liquid). Typically this occurs in the last third of the condensing coil. From there the saturated gas passes through an expansion devise that allows the refrigerant to become a gas again. Once this happens it can absorb heat from the air passing through the inside coil of the air conditioner. From there the refrigerant goes back to the compressor where it starts the whole cycle again.

Carisol hybrid solar air conditioning system uses the same basic parts and operates on similar principles as a conventional A.C. system but adapts an evacuated tube solar collector and utilizes a high efficiency 16SEER compressor. The solar collector is placed between the compressor and the condensing coils. The primary task of a compressor is to pressurize and heat the refrigerant. The hotter it gets the better. Carisol hybrid solar air conditioning system uses its highly efficient evacuated tube solar thermal collector to superheat and pressurize the refrigerant gas to over 350 degrees using free renewable energy as it passes through its storage tank (that over 170 degrees hotter than what the regular A.C. can achieve using paid electricity). The refrigerant then travels into the condenser coils where it changes from a gas into a saturated gas (partial liquid). This resulting effectiveness derived from the use of the evacuated tube solar thermal collector allows for the refrigerant to work more efficiently (low or no electricity usage for moving parts or motors) and increases the capacity of the gas to change back into a liquid much quicker, dramatically lowering the energy requirement of the compressor. The gas now condenses back into saturated gas in the first third of the condensing coil not the final third. Therefore by the time the refrigerant reaches the expansion devise in the inside coil, it is already almost a liquid. This allows the near liquid refrigerant to be more efficient at absorbing heat, making it 5-6 degrees cooler in the inside coil, delivering colder, drier air to the cooling area.

Our Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners are available in following standard sizes but we can custom manufactured to any required size.

Each Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner System comes standard with the requisite thermal kit.

Q. Why solar air conditioning?

A. It uses a mostly solar energy and adapts to a highly efficient heat transfer system. Using our evacuated tube solar collector/ heat absorbers collect a certain amount of solar energy for air conditioning to work as a energy supplement offering an effective distribution system and greatly reducing compressor energy usage; intelligent controlling of the solar air-conditioning system can automatically guarantee solar collection as part of the normal energy supply coupled with the use of a thread, hydrophilic aluminum foil, for the heat transfer system optimization match, reducing energy loss improving overall efficiency and effectively guaranteed results. Therefore, solar air-conditioning is much more convenient than regular air-conditioning saving you a lot in energy usage. Plus a solar hybrid can pay for itself in just a few years, by reducing household power consumption by up to 65 per cent, compared to a similar standard inverter air conditioning system.

Q. Can your hybrid solar air conditioner operate at nights and on cloudy days?

A. Carisol Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner operates by using the renewable energy as its primary medium for the refrigeration operation using its solar thermal collector to capture renewable energy from the sun or wasted heat from the compressor to support the refrigeration process of cooling and heating, therefore it does not rely only on direct sunlight and compressor wasted heat but also makes good use of radiant lighting and diffused radiation storing the capture thermal energy in its storage tank with heat retention walls of over 70hrs providing considerable savings 24hrs per day.

Q. Is the air conditioner fully powered by solar?

A. No, our solar air conditioner is a hybrid solar system using both solar and conventional electricity with solar energy doing most of the heating significantly lowering the energy usage of the compressor providing savings in energy of up to 70%.

Q. What is the working principle?

A. Solar Air-Conditioner absorbs solar energy to heat the inside medium by using evacuated tubes solar collectors. The refrigerant from the compressor goes through the copper coil inside the collector and undertake a heat exchange. The refrigerant heated by the medium inside the solar collector will go through a cycle inside the system cooling and heating. We use a smaller compressor instead of standard compressors to run our system which saves electricity dramatically. A smaller compressor consumes much less electricity and works together with our solar collector to saving electricity.