Photovoltaic Solar Air Conditioners

Carisol PVAC is a 48 volt DC high-efficiency split system pure solar air conditioner rated at 9000 -30,000 BTU and is designed to operate directly from PV solar panels and batteries. The PVAC solar air conditioner is 100% DC powered for direct connection therefore uses inverter. The solar air conditioner is designed for off-grid commercial and residential locations.

  1. TUV Tested – CE Certified
  2. Daytime and Night Time Operation
  3. Optimized for Solar Air Conditioning
  4. Uses Standard Deep-Cycle Batteries
  5. Works with Standard PV Panels
  6. 18000 BTU Capacity
  7. Variable Capacity BLDC Compressor
  8. ALL-DC No Inverter
  9. Hi-SEER DC Air Conditioner

Carisol PVAC is ideal for any commercial or residential location where cooling is required and grid power is unavailable, unreliable or downright too expensive.

The high efficiency system is also appropriate for non-solar applications like telecommunications or data center equipment cooling, where 48 volt DC power is the industry standard.

Carisol PVAC solar air conditioner has been designed to make the best possible use of solar photovoltaic panels by using fewer solar panels than that would be required by the same capacity conventional AC-powered air conditioner of the same max capacity running on solar panels through an inverter, because there are no losses associated with converting DC power from the solar panels into AC power to run a standard air conditioner, solar panels which produce DC power is directly connected to our fully operated DC air conditioner avoiding the inefficient addition of an inverter that converts DC current into AC current.

Carisol PVAC also uses brushless permanent magnet motor with digital frequency controller providing for variable frequency drive that allows the system to dynamically adjust its capacity based on conditions.

  1. 100% DC operation = no inverter = no wasted energy
  2. No fossil fuel needed – better for the environment
  3. Air conditioning where conventional power is not available
  4. TUV – CE Certified
  5. High-SEER BLDC (Brushless DC) permanent magnet compressor.
  6. 100% solar no energy bill
  7. Variable frequency drive 25hz – 125hz (variable speed)
  8. Capacity dynamically sized BTU per hr as needed
  9. Solar powered air conditioning requires no AC power.
  10. Compressor provides high efficiency operation and slow start.
  11. Overnight operation available.
  12. Innovative control logic saves energy by matching cooling capacity to demand.
  13. Quiet operation

Solar panel and battery requirements will vary based on application and local sun lighting conditions.

Carisol PVAC solar air conditioning system are design allows for operation between various BTU, meaning that capacity, refrigerant flow and compressor speed are variable and are dynamically adjusted in real time to match the current conditions and heat load using the lowest possible amount of electric power so as to reduce the number of solar panels needed to operate the system. The base configuration requires only three solar panels.

Carisol PVAC solar air conditioner uses a hermetically sealed permanent magnet brushless DC compressor for maximum service life; with specially designed controls and a digital frequency driver send power to the compressor using alternating pulses of DC current at a rate between 25 Hz and 125 Hz, depending on requirements, matching the compressor capacity to the operating conditions.

By contrast, a normal air conditioner with a fixed capacity must run at a steady 50Hz AC and must continually turn itself on and off to satisfy the thermostat, wasting energy. Carisol PVAC 48 volt design avoids the use of a DC-AC inverter, and eliminates the rectifier circuits found in normal high efficiency air conditioning systems, thus avoiding up to 23% of power conversion losses that would occur when running a high efficiency air conditioner from solar power or other DC source through an inverter.

Our systems works with standard PV panels and need a minimum of 600 watts to operate, with a minimum of four standard deep cycle solar batteries configured in series/parallel for 48 volt operation along with an external standard solar charge controller.

Our Photovoltaic Air Conditioners are available in following standard sizes but we can custom manufactured to any required size.

Each Photovoltaic Air Conditioner System comes standard with the requisite number of solar panels, a 48v charge controller and a 48v rechargeable battery bank.