Solar Power Systems

The right mix of product with the right advice.

When it comes to our solar power systems only three things matter… Quality, quality and more quality.
We are specialist manufacturer and distributor of a world class range of photovoltaic modules and accessories delivering complete solar solutions for large, medium and small photovoltaic applications. At Carisol we stock a specially selected mix of Solar PV Panels, Inverters, Mounting and Accessories to suit all levels of projects from Power Plants to commercial and residential. From prestige products to robust economical solutions we’ve got all bases covered with consistency of supply and straight forward service that you’ll love. Our team includes experienced professionals who’d love to help you choose the best mix for your application.

Carisol offers the best services with good advice plus great prices:

Solar panels: 25 year output & 5 year hardware warranty.
Inverters: 5yrs warranty 5-10yrs warranty
Mounting Frames: 10yrs warranty, long term performance
Installation: Only certified installers conduct your installations

Contact us now, and we can have your system installed in no time.