Breakers / Fuses

Carisol provides over current protection devices (fuses and Breakers). Without over current protection in a fault condition you run the risk of fires or damages to equipment and property. Every electrical circuit must have a means of isolation (breakers) or protection (fuses) to protect the wires.

Every circuit should be protected by a fuse or circuit breaker. The main leads to the battery should be protected by an HRC type fuse, installed below the vent level of the batteries. Where a smaller cable is connected to a larger cable the fuse should be sized to protect the smaller cable. Always label your breakers so you can identify them in the future.

  • We carry circuit breaker for PV arrays from 1amp up to 60amps
  • We carry DC panels€™ circuit breaker from 1amp up to 600Vdc
  • We carry AC and DC fuses in various voltages and current ratings

FUSES – We stock standard 10×38 fuses and single and double pole fuse holders for solar panel string protection and inverter pre-charge systems. We also stock the popular 00-size (up to 160Amps) and 1-size (up to 250Amps) fuses and housings for battery protection and isolation.

BREAKERS €“ We stock single-pole polarized breakers rated up to 150VDC for individual string and circuit protection and are ideal for use with the MNPV rooftop enclosures. No ark two-pole non-polarized breakers are rated up to 500VDC. The four-pole version is suitable for up to 1000VDC. Both are ideal for rooftop or inverter isolation.