Panel Mounts

Carisol is leading the way by manufacturing innovative and time saving PV rail system. Our quick, easy and economical solution is proven to streamline installations and save on labour costs. Developed with the harshest conditions in mind our mounts are over engineered to ensure sustainability and effectiveness in all environments. It is accredited for use worldwide meeting and exceeding extreme wind loading, building structure and structural design standards, it is rated for all areas is suitable for slab, tile, shingles and metal roof.

The placement of your solar panels with whatever kind of mounting system you are using can make a huge difference in the amount of electricity you are able to produce. Be very careful not to place your panels in an area that is shaded by trees or buildings or any other object. Note carefully that the shadow made by your house moves at least 22 feet farther to the south in the winter. If you place your panels within that distance, you€™ll be very disappointed during those short winter days.

We ensure product quality from beginning offering you the cost-efficient, most competitive products and guaranteed quality.

Save Time & Money

The connections of Carisol aluminum rail and splice kit make the installation easier, flexible and convenient. It can improve the installation efficiency and save cost of installation.

Quality Materials

Excellent Material Selection, we choose to use Aluminum 6005-T5 of all our aluminum products and stainless steel SUS304 for all our hooks, including bolts, nuts etc.

Reduce Wastage

Using our splice kit to connect aluminum rails, the two openings of aluminum rail makes the splice kit assembly more flexible. This installation method ensures the efficient and economical use of tailings by making different length of rails extend unceasingly which reduces the wastage and the issues of manufacturing and transporting the long rails.

Flexible Design

The close cooperation of rail corrugated surface and hook corrugated surface increases friction and prevents sliding. The design of rail€™s closed loop ensures reasonable strength distribution. The three openings of rail could be used in conjunction with most of hooks in the present market and the fixation style is very flexible. The corrugated surface design between rails and splice kits effectively increases friction.

Great Customer Service

Our powerful production processing ability allows us to offer leading competitive prices and punctual delivery. We can supply most low-cost products within the shortest possible time. We can do customized orders according to different client€™s requirements, and provide OEM service.

Pitch Roof Mounting

Look neat, but need s to be adjusted to the sloping angle required for tilting, this kind of mounting allows maximum sunlight on the bed of panel, which are often times done to create a large array or multiple small arrays. Rooftop solar mounting system applies for all kinds of pitch roof of any building. Solar panel can fastened onto the top flute of our patented solar mounting rail. L-feet connect with the bottom of the rail, which mounted firmly to the roof. Install flashing over a layer of shingles to insure water resistance.


  • Design Wind Load: 55m/s or 200km/hour
  • Design Snow Load: 1.5kn/m2
  • Steel structure: Anodized Aluminum + Stainless Steel
  • Reference standard: AS/NZ 1170.2
  • Installation site: Pitch root
  • Guarantee: Ten years guarantee on parts

Pole Mounting

This designed holds 1 to 4 modules and is mounted to the pole with either hose clamps or U-bolts (not provided). The racks accommodate different sized poles and are adjustable for optimal sun angle from 15 to 65 degrees in 10-degree increments. Pole size is determined by the number of modules to be mounted. Pole system is designed for up to 1.5kw panel mounting system, with the wind load up to 200km/h. This panel mounting system is suited for large photovoltaic system installation in all wind zones. This solar mounting system can adjust the tilt angle according to the requirement of the installation place. There is no need to welding in the complete installation process. According to our manual instruction, you can install the solar modules easily, quickly, securely and cost efficiently.


  • Design Wind Load: 55m/s
  • Design Snow Load: 1.5kn/m2
  • Steel structure Hot dipped galvanized steel + Anodized Aluminum
  • Reference standard AS/NZ 1170.2
  • Tracker type Fixed
  • Tilt angle: 0°€” 60°
  • Guarantee Ten years guarantee on parts

Ground Mounting

Probably the easiest way to mount solar panels. This mount resembles an A-frame. It safest to attach this structure to a cement slab so that it may be secured in place. Ground mounts are designed to handle from 1 to 8 solar modules. Ground mounts can be used to attach solar panels to the ground, to a roof and or to a vertical surface. Some ground mounts have tilt able, or adjustable legs; others are fixed. Optional adjustable tilt legs are available for several of the styles of panels.

Ground Solar Panel Mounting is suitable for flat roofs of various structures or for the ground. One end of the cross-beam is connected firmly with the ground structure by base bracket and hex-bolts and the other end is connected to the support leg forming a stable and strong tripod structure. The connecting foot is made up of stainless steel to enhance the load bearing capacity. Stainless steel itself has a good physical and chemical mechanical performance; service life can reach more than 30 years.


  • Design Wind Load: 55m/s or 200km/hour
  • Design Snow Load: 1.5kn/m2
  • Steel structure Anodized Aluminum + Stainless Steel
  • Reference standard AS/NZ 1170.2
  • Installation site: Flat roof or Ground
  • Guarantee: Ten years guarantee on parts