Back-up Power


Our back up power systems is always ready and always on to provide the power you need when you it in the event of a power failure or if there is a natural disaster like a hurricane, earthquake, this backup power system keep your lights on and your appliances running with interrupted power. The backup power consist of batteries and an inverter and unlike a standby power generator these systems need no fuel and produce no noise or exhaust, there are many other benefits you€™ll experience all year round by having a backup power source for your home or business that is environmentally friendly and renewable not to mention the saving you will see on your utility bills from decrease your dependency on the utility grid providing the system is use in tandem with the utility to provide power when fully charged plus the reduction of your carbon footprint.

Backup power systems will require a charging source like solar panels, the utility grid or a generator. A backup power system renewed by the sun is a much quieter alternative to a noisy generator; it€™s smart to have a reliable source for backup power so you won€™t be left without power or in the dark.

Battery backup systems are a great alternative to running noisy generators and provide power when you need it.

  1. Keep the home and business running during a power outage.
  2. Backup power can be use for critical File Servers/Computer Systems to maintain crucial operations
  3. Communication Systems so your transmissions get through when they are most needed.
  4. Emergency lighting and evacuation
  5. Government mandates that require backup power
  6. Medical-grade refrigerators and freezers to protect research and maintain critical medical supplies
  7. Back up small surgical units so procedures can continue during outages
  8. Sump Pump Backup to prevent water damage
  9. Emergency traffic monitoring
  10. The custom voltage on systems is 120/240VAC 50Hz.

We have portable backup power systems that are relatively light, weighting up to 80lbs. These lightweight options are ideal to keep cell phones charged, run laptops and other small items or to provide lighting in during power outages.

Our larger backup power system are very heavy and are design to provide power for much larger loads like refrigerators, television or to power the entire home or business for any length of time you desire.

You can size your backup power system below by inputting the load(s) and power rating ( in watts) you want to have powered and the amount of hours per day you need for them to operate.