Grid Tie Systems

Generate your own free, clean, renewable energy!

Grid-tied Solar Electric Systems, also known as on-grid, grid-connected, or grid-intertie photovoltaic systems, generate electricity for your home or business and route the excess power into the electric utility grid. It can be used with or without batteries.

If you are concerned at all about your utility rates going up and would like to do something to reduce or get rid of your monthly electric bill, then a grid-tie solar system may be just the thing for you. These systems are easy to install and since some do not have batteries for back-up, means no maintenance or replacements of batteries to worry about. A Carisol Grid Tie solar power system is built using premium quality equipment that will last a lifetime. Our inverters design life specification is 25 years and solar panels come with a 25 years performance warranty. Our manufacturers know the importance of long term reliability, and so do we. Solar Power is a long term investment that requires quality equipment, quality engineering and quality after sales support.

Grid-Tie Systems are quiet , these system starts to operate automatically as soon as the sun rises delivering power to your home or business and stop working as soon as the sun sets. On-site installation can be completed within a few days and because there are no moving parts, these systems are virtually maintenance free.

Solar Panels: Solar panels, or solar modules as they are sometimes called, are typically installed on the roof. These panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power. The panels are connected in series and/or parallel to provide the voltage and current levels needed. The array is usually mounted in a south facing direction and tilted to face the sun.

Solar Inverter: The DC power from the solar panels is sent to an inverter, where it is converted into alternating current (AC) power, or standard electrical current used in your home.

Mounting Frames: The system comes with standard solar mounting frames.

Generate your own 220V AC electricity supplying power to your house or business, and feeding excess power back into the grid. At nights you simply draw power back from the grid.

  • Generate your own electricity and reduce your electric bill
  • Protect against future utility increases
  • Sell excess electricity generated to the Utility Grid
  • Spin your meter backwards
  • Reduce your carbon footprint for a healthier environment
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Money you save on your on electric bill will pay back for system
  • Solar modules and inverters comes with up to 25years performance warranty

A grid-tie electrical system is a system that generates electricity and is connected to the main power grid. These systems are typically based on renewable energy sources such as the sun or wind. Solar, or photovoltaic, or PV, grid-tie systems convert sunlight into electric current. Solar panels absorb photons of light from the sun, producing DC electric current. DC current is power in its raw form and must be converted to a type that can respond correctly to appliances in the homes such as your washer, microwave, etc. Another system component, the grid-tie inverter, converts this DC current into AC current which can either be used by electric “loads” for e.g., refrigerator in the home or it can be directed onto the main power grid for a credit toward your monthly electric utility usage.

Grid-tie or grid-connected photovoltaic systems is connected with the existing power grid and sell excessive electricity back to the utility with a plan known as Net billing or Metering. This means that at times when you are not using all of the electricity being produced by your system, your meter will spin backwards selling the electricity back to the public electricity grid at retail rate allowing the system owner to realize significant saving on their energy bills and faster returns on their investments.

These systems do not include a battery. Power is obtained from the utility grid when the system is not producing electricity.

Our Carisol Grid Tie Solar Power Systems are available in following standard sizes but we can custom manufactured to any required size.

These are complete turn-key Grid-Tie solar system packages that allow for easy expansion at a later time by adding just a single panel at a time and are perfect to roll your meter backwards selling power to the utility grid.

Each Carisol Solar Power System is designed for tropical countries, adjustment to systems designs will be necessary for colder regions.

This system comes with standard PV roof mounting therefore depending on your project location, environmental issues, and roof configuration you may need extra parts for your mounting systems. Please consult one of our sales engineers for additional balance of systems components that you might require.

Q. Is my home or business suitable for solar power?

A. All homes or business is suitable for solar power some might need extra time on the job for the installer base on roofing type.

Q. What size system will I need for my home or business solar power?

A. The minimum size system available at Carisol is 1kW (1000watt). That has a potential output capacity of 1000 watts of DC (direct current) electricity. This DC output is sent directly to the inverter which converts the DC power into 220 volt AC (alternating current) power for use in your home, or export to the electrical grid. A 1kW capacity system will generate about 1470 kWh of electricity per year. You will be able to see from your last electricity bill how many kWh you use at each monthly billing period. There should also be a graph that indicates your last twelve months of usage. This should give you some idea of what size you will require.

Q. What kind of warranty comes with the system?

A. Each of the components comes with different manufactures warranties and conditions ranging from 5 to 25 years. If there are any faults with any component of the installation within the first 12 months, Carisol will arrange for an exchange or repair at no cost to you. The manufacturer warranties for the components will be outlined on your system description and diagram document that will be provided with your quote and agreement.

Q. Does my roof have to have a slope?

A. No as roofing mounts can create any angle requirement needed for system tilt angle.

Q. What if the panels are damaged by a natural event such as hail?

A. TUV testing and certification of our solar panels requires that a 1inch solid ice ball be fired at 50mph straight at the panel without breaking the glass or creating damages to the solar cells however there are those are rare cases where the stones that are bigger can and will break the glass. PV panels can be covered under your home insurance policy so we recommend call to your insurer if needed so you can add your solar power system to your home policy.

Q. How much will I save?

A. An entry level 1000 watt grid connected solar system will save an household using 300kWh per month around an average of 70-90% a year on the power bill.

Q. Will the solar system gives me power at nights?

A. Solar systems needs the sun to operate so at nights you will be taking power form the grid , however if you had produce more than you had use during the days then this will offset the power you take from the utility at nights.

Q. How long will the panels last?

A. A good quality solar panel will last a lifetime and comes with a 25yrs output warranty, it€™s important to look for the TUV quality certification symbol on product or brochure before purchasing.