Solar Thermal Systems

Carisol Solar Thermal Systems Represents the new standards in solar energy technology.

Focusing on product quality and reliability with our innovative designs, combining cutting edge performance and efficiency with highly competitive pricing, we are a leading manufacturer offering solar thermal solutions that gives superior performance in all climates and seasons yielding clear advantages in terms of high quality, modularity, reliability, extendibility, long service life and maintenance, meeting the varied requirements of our clients integrating beautifully with your home and business offering triple use potential ( radiant heating, air conditioning or hot water ) earning us the trust and praises from numerous customers across the region.

Carisol Solar Thermal Systems comes with a superb outstanding aesthetical design, appearance, uncompromising quality and durability delivering steaming hot water no matter what€™s the weather or season thus the tag line €œsuperior all weather year round system€!

Our service is second to none… And with our TEN (10) YEAR available warranty our customers are assured that Carisol Solar Water Heaters will be reliable.