Integrated pressurized intelligent controller, automatically control temperature of in integrated pressurized solar water heater

The Solar Controllers feature multi-functional temperature control with additional functions available depending on model. The controllers can be used for a wide variety of applications and has inputs for four sensors. Preset factory defaults are defined for control of a solar water heating system, and have a built in second relay (some models) to divert any surplus heat that may be generated by the solar thermal collectors. The auxiliary relay can also be used to maintain tank temperature, protect the system from overheating, or divert the excess heat to another source.

This controller features a large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen & user interface, complete with three function keys. The easy-to-use icons assist both end-users and installers to operate, diagnose, and customize a solar heating system.

System Screen LCD Display with 16-segment display & 8 symbols for system status – Operating LED control lamp and 3 push-button control -Δ T Control -Maximum tank temperature control -Heat generation measurement kWh (BTU)-Two relay models feature various advanced control options.

  1. Time display
  2. Temperature difference circulation
  3. Storage tank overheating protection
  4. Emergency stop of system overheating
  5. Frost protection of pipeline and collector
  6. Three periods of time adjustable on pipeline circulation
  7. Three periods of time adjustable on auxiliary heating
  8. Anti-bacteria function
  9. Holiday function

The solar water heater controller senses the temperature in tank and regulates it depending on the program input.

  1. Dimension: 120×120×18mm, 186×140×41mm
  2. Input voltage: 200V~240V AC or 100V~120V AC
  3. Power: ‰¤3W
  4. Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±1°C
  5. Range of temperature measuring: 0~99°C
  6. Input signals:
    1 x PT1000 sensor temperature probe ‰¤500°C, silicon cable ‰¤280°C;
    2 x NTC10K sensor temperature probe‰¤135°C, PVC cable ‰¤105°C
  7. Output signals:
    1 x Auxiliary heating output (Max. load current: 12A)
    2 x Relay output (Max. load current: 3A)
  8. LCD-display
  9. Range of environment temperature: -10~50°C
  10. Water protection grade: IP40