Pump Stations

This pump system is used for split pressurized solar water heating system. It includes circulation pump, pressure gauge, controller, flow meter, expansion vessel and other connection accessories. Most of them are manufactured in Europe to guarantee the high quality for application. Full system can endure about 6-10 bars pressure.

The Working station includes seven parts as follow:

  1. Expansion case (Made in Italy)
  2. Check valve
  3. Circulation pump(Made in Germany)
  4. Intelligent controller
  5. Pressure gauge
  6. Safety valve
  7. Flowmeter

  1. The collector and water tank is separated, running with high pressure.
  2. Working pressure: ‰¤ 0.6Mpa
  3. Anti-hail Ability: resistance the hailstone with diameter of 25 mm
  4. Adopt the controller that special in solar water heater ,automatic running with high pressure
  5. Adopt heat-pipe collector, no water in vacuum tube , if one of the vacuum tube is broken, no effect to the whole system.
  6. Separated design, beautiful look.
  7. The collector can be installed anywhere in the sun.
  8. The pressure water tank can be installed anywhere of the room.
  9. The module design, unified with the building.

Adopt the fourth era solar collector – Heat-pipe Collector by transferring the solar radiated into heat energy. Heat pipe Collector, with the high efficiency of heat absorbing, by fast transferring the solar energy into the heat energy.

The temperature of the sensor is higher than the temperature of set point in the circulation water tank, the controller start the circulation pump running. The intelligent controller and circulation pump start to work when the temperature of the sensor is higher than the set temperature of the circulation water tank.

The circulation pump make the medium circulate in the circulation pipe. The medium circulate in the circulation pipe with the circulation pump. The heat that is absorbed by the solar collector is transferred into the storage water tank through the heat exchanger. When the difference in temperature is less than the set point, the circulation pump is stopped.

The circulation pump is stopped when the temperature difference lower than the set temperature. When the water temperature arrive the max of the set point, the controller will be close the circulation pump.