Storage Tanks

A storage tank is used for the retention of thermal energy in energy storage reservoirs for later use. They can also be employed to balance energy demand between day time and night time. The thermal reservoir may be maintained at a temperature above (hotter) or below (colder) that of the ambient environment. The applications today include the production of ice, chilled water, or eutectic solution at night, or hot water which is then used to cool / heat environments during the day.

Carisol Solar Water Storage Tanks are fully certified for use on any of these applications. Carisol tanks come complete with two large internal heat exchangers and a back up 4.5 kilowatt electric elements. This tank is suitable for all forms of solar hot water storage applications including solar water, solar home heat and solar pools and hot tubs! With this tank you can easily expand your solar heating system at any time without new equipments!

Solar storage tanks are also used in solar hot water systems to act as buffer tanks. When the sun is shining, the water will be heated in the storage tank for later use, most commonly in the evening. Our solar water tanks contain a heat exchanger to separate the potable water from the solar heating solution (Water/Glycol), and have a superior insulation layers that can retain the heat for days.

The upright tank can keep the water temperature at different level. It can heat the top water instantly. The special structure can prevent from mixing the cold and hot water together.

  1. Low standby energy loss due to 3۪۪ of insulation
  2. The tank is located in the building; the hot water loses less energy than the normal one.
  3. The heater collector and the water tank is separated, that makes the system combine with the building perfectly, which will not affect the aesthetics of the building.
  4. Back up with electric heater so that on days without sunshine hot water can also used.
  5. Capacity: 100L,150L,200L,250L,300L,400L,500L.
  6. Inner Tank: Stainless steel 1.2 mm SUS304 / porcelain inner tank
  7. Outer Tank: painted steel €“ 0.5 mm / Stainless steel-0.5 mm
  8. The heat insulation material: Polyurethane
  9. Heavy steel with double glass line coating
  10. Replaceable sacrificial anode
  11. The test pressure: 14 bars and use pressure: 10 bars
  12. The installation method: vertical.
  13. Sensor used in conjunction with solar differential controller

In this active, closed-loop system, incoming potable water is routed to the solar storage tank, but never into the collectors. A water and antifreeze mixture circulates from the collectors through a coil of pipe in the solar tank, and then is pumped back through the collectors. (In most climates, a 50/50 propylene glycol and water mixture will keep collectors from freezing.) The potable water is warmed by heat transfer through contact with the pipe.

These systems require an expansion tank and a few other auxiliary components for filling, venting, and maintaining the system. A definite advantage to antifreeze systems is that the collectors can be mounted anywhere. These systems are pretty much the only choice in very cold climates.

The electric element assists the system only when the solar energy cannot maintain the desired temperature or during periods of peak demand. Automatic temperature control thermostat keeps stored water at desired temperature. Most of our storage tanks has two internal heat exchangers for systems that use heat transfer fluids.

Our storage tanks are available in following standard sizes but we can custom manufactured to any required size.

Each Storage tank will require additional accessories to complete the connection of the storage tank to the solar collector.