Heat Pipe System

Carisol thermosyphon heat pipe evacuated tube solar water heaters are perfect for residential, commercial and institutional applications in solar hot water heating, radiant and space heating. This system works with very high water pressure therefore it output hot water with high pressure consistent with the cold water input, it uses copper heat pipe which is most efficient to deliver high heat energy to the header manifold in water storage tank therefore the water in the tank is heated rapidly. This system will continue to work even if a tube is broken and allows for the replacement of that tube without shutting down or interrupting the operation of the system. This system requires no pump or controller and come complete with storage tank, evacuated tubes, mounting frame and reflector plates.

  1. Pressurized operation.
  2. Electrical back-up element.
  3. There is no water in the vacuum tube, so the tube will not break in the winter.
  4. It can be combined with the architecture perfectly.
  5. It can be combined with existing pipeline.
  6. It will be affected by the local water quality as it doesn’t suit hard water.
  7. It can be still operate in the event of occasional tube breakages.
  8. Reliable and efficient twin-glass solar tubes.
  9. Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer thus heating water rapidly.
  10. Suitable for mains pressure water (up to 8 bar/116psi).
  11. Corrosion resistant copper header.
  12. Plastic power coated galvanized frame.
  13. Powder coated steel and stainless steel storage tanks.
  14. Stable solar conversion during the day.
  15. The perfect solar collector for domestic solar water heater systems.
  16. Ideal for commercial solar water heating applications.

These solar collector types collects and convert the sun€™s energy into thermal energy with high efficiency using vacuum and heat transfer.

The vacuum prevents any conductive or convective heat loss to the environment from the absorber and the heat pipes ensure one-way heat transfer from the absorber to the water. The selective coating in the inner cover of the evacuated tubes ensures high energy absorption and low heat radiance losses. The liquid in the inner glass heat pipes changes into vapor which then rises up the heat pipe. When heat is exchanged between the condenser end of the heat pipe and the cold water in the tank, it turns into liquid again, and comes down to the base of the heat pipe and cycle continuously as long as the sun shines. Hot water is obtained by injecting cold water into the bottom of the tank, which in turn forces the hot water out from the top. The evacuated tubular collector with heat pipes are quasi-tracking in four seasons, which is to say that as the sun tracks across the sky, about the same absorber area is facing the sun all the time, since the absorber surfaces are cylindrical. The collector will be in operation as long as sun shines. The solar water heater can be in service all year round even in cold and rainy climate areas since heat pipes transfer heat in one direction only within the collector and the vacuum prevents convective heat losses.

Our thermosyphon heat pipe evacuated tube solar water heaters are available in following standard sizes but we can custom manufactured to any required size.

Each Thermosyphon Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater System comes standard with the requisite number of evacuated tubes, an outdoor storage tank that is mounted directly to the top of the solar collector that acts as water storage and heater manifold, electric heater element mounting hardware kit, and reflector plates.