Flat Panel Solar Water Heater

Carisol Thermosyphon flat panel solar water heaters are ideal for residential and commercial applications in solar hot water heating. This system works with very high water pressure therefore it output hot water with high pressure consistent with the cold water input, Carisol flat plate thermosyphon integrated system black strip flat plate collectors are manufactured according to European quality standards in solar water heating introducing black Chrome coating layer and applying ultrasonic welding technology adopting aluminum portfolio with 1 mm thickness for the frame, and copper-aluminum composite as the heat absorption core embedded in the aluminum frame, lying on 35 mm thickness glass fiber layer. The cover is made of 3.0 mm thickness toughened glass, and the sealing material is made of high quality EPDN with a special module installation system that is easy to mount on both flat and sloped roof, realizing the perfect integration between buildings and collectors, also meeting the demand of heat absorption. The Thermosyphon principle allows the collector absorbs solar energy to heat the water inside, while the Thermosyphon circulation inside enables the heated water to flow into and be stored in the water tank.

This system requires no pump or controller and come complete with storage tank, flat panel collector and mounting frame it works intelligently and is extremely reliable giving high temperature hot water and perfect operation.

  1. Pressurized operation.
  2. Optional electrical back-up element.
  3. Uses special-protection inner tank with the quality guarantee.
  4. It can be combined with the architecture perfectly.
  5. It can be combined with existing pipeline.
  6. Best heat insulation property
  7. Rust free & scale resistance: adopting Germany unique technology with their Aerospace University cooperation .
  8. Reliable and efficient twin-glass solar tubes.
  9. Collector uses a special silicon coating, blue-gold titanium baking at a high 930° temperature
  10. Suitable for mains pressure water (up to 8 bar/116psi).
  11. Corrosion resistant inner tank, no seaming & anti-leakage for 50 years.
  12. Aluminum or Plastic power coated galvanized frame.
  13. Powder coated steel and stainless steel storage tanks.
  14. Stable solar conversion.
  15. The perfect solar collector for domestic solar water heater systems.

This collector types collects and convert the sun€™s energy into thermal energy with its flat panel collector. The selective coating in the inner cover of the flat panel ensures high energy absorption and low heat radiance losses. In this solar collector the water fill the flat panel and storage tanks, cold water falls to the bottom of the flat panel where it is heated by the sun as the water is heated it rises up into the storage tank. This cycle repeats itself continuously as long as the sun shines thus obtaining extremely high temperature of the water in the solar storage tank, Hot water is obtained when the cold water is injected into the internal storage tank, as the water flows into the tank it forces the stored hot water in the tank out.

Our Thermosyphon flat plate solar water heater are available in following standard sizes but we can custom manufactured to any required size.

Each Thermosyphon Flat Plate Solar Water Heater System comes standard with the requisite number of flat panel collector, an outdoor storage tank that is mounted directly to the top of the solar collector that acts as water storage and heater manifold, electric heater element and mounting hardware kit.