Solar Air Heater

Solar air heating the technology is more attractive than ever before, it is now lower in cost and more efficient while fossil fuel prices are raising higher everyday thus making solar the ideal choice for heating or cooling. Heating by radiant energy is observed every day with the warmth of the sunshine being the most common example. Solar air heating is the intentional use of the sun€™s heat energy by capturing it and transferring it to a area of demand for usage whether as radiant heating and radiant cooling; when used as a form of central heating and cooling will achieves total control of the indoor climate for room comfort using the sun as energy source for conduction, radiation and convection distributed under floor and through ducts. Designs with solar air heating are rapidly growing as the preferred choice to other conventional air heating methods.

Whether you are building a new home or business or improving the efficiency of an older one solar air heating is a more attractive option because of its triple use potential options hot water heating, radiant heating and air conditioning. The comfort of energy saving that comes from the use a solar air heater to provide cool or hot air temperature, radiant energy and domestic water heating is phenomenon.

Reliable, quiet performance, high efficiency ratings; up-to-96%, Carisol High Efficiency Air Heaters are one of the main reasons Carisol brand is fast becoming the number one solar product on the market today. With their radiant and space heating capabilities, sturdy SUS 304 stainless steel construction, ease of installation and great service support all our products.


Carisol air heaters work great for the homes and business potable hot water is circulated through tubes under the floor. The floor absorbs heat from the tubes and radiates it into the room. With radiant baseboard heat, potable hot water is circulated through finned tube baseboard. Heat then rises from the baseboard heaters, warming the building.


Carisol air heaters combine an air handler for comfortable forced air hydronic space heating or with potable hot water. Hot water is circulated through a coil in the air handler. Air from the source is warmed as it is blown across the coil. Warmed air is returned to the source through air ducts. With up to 199,000 BTU, Carisol air heaters can heat or cool any space large or small.

The heat from a solar collector is use to cool buildings, just think of the solar air heater as an energy source. Your air conditioner uses an energy source€¦electricity, to create cool air.

Radiant heating and cooling runs on warm water and solar air heater are engineered to make very hot water for these purposes. Water or a mixture is circulated through the solar collectors to transfer heat, there will be a thermal storage tank that can, based on size, provide enough storage to last overnight (or even for up to or several days) if desired.

Multiple zones can be accommodated. The solar air heated mixture is circulated through a coil, controllers is used to achieve the desired temperature for the interior of the building, a sensor allows the controller to isolate the coil when the solar air heated water is not hot enough to contribute, so as to keep the system from removing air from the area.

The result is the delivery of a constant flow of heated air, in the 90-125—‹F range into the building which reduces or eliminates the need to run a traditional heating or cooling source. While this constant flow of air may at times be not much above human body temperature and therefore not feel €œhot€ at the output, it is sufficient to satisfy the thermostat and maintain comfortable conditions within the building. At any time that more air heat is needed, the backup element can be switched on to provide additional heating. Solar air heating evacuated tube solar collectors must be place on a southerly-facing roof or other structure. It is a requirement to use high performance evacuated tubes so that the necessary high temperatures combined with BTU collection can be achieved even when the ambient outdoor conditions are very cold. A properly configured system will be able to provide air to the building with outdoor ambient conditions as low as -23—‹C. The solar air heater can also be used to provide free hot water to eliminate water heating bills all season long, and/or heat a swimming pool or hot tub.

Our Thermosyphon evacuated tube solar air heaters are available in following standard sizes but we can custom manufactured to any required size.

Each Thermosyphon Solar Air Heater System comes standard with the requisite number of evacuated tubes, an outdoor storage tank that is mounted directly to the top of the solar collector that acts as water storage and heater manifold, electric heater element mounting hardware kit, and reflector plates.