Solar Pool Heating

Carisol solar pool heating systems are ideal for residential and commercial applications in solar pool and spa heating. This system works with any water pressure therefore it output hot water with pressure consistent with the cold water input, This system requires pump and controller it works intelligently and is extremely reliable giving high temperature hot water and perfect operation.

Solar swimming pool heating is the most cost effective application of solar energy. Solar swimming pool collectors, the simplest and least expensive of all collectors, have been used for heating outdoor pools and spas for decades. Solar heating increases the number of days you enjoy your pool. Even when used without a cover a solar pool heater can economically double the number of days you swim. Using the sun to heat your pool will reduce your bills and increase your enjoyment. Solar pool heaters are integrated into the normal pool pump/filter system and work by intercepting water after it comes out of the regular pool filter, directing it through the solar collectors, and then returning it to the swimming pool. The water temperature is raised significantly as it passes through the collector array. A sensor that determines how much additional heat is needed to achieve the desired warmth controls the final water temperature.

Carisol system provides the comfort and pleasure of a warm pool and spa all year round.

Individual tube design creating more heat than standard panels. Provides worry free operation as the automatic thermostatic controller knows when to turn off and on the solar pool heater to achieve program temperature keeping your pool warm and nice.

Using your existing pool pumps, the pool water is directed through a series of valves to the solar collector, the pool water enters the solar collectors at the bottom where it is heated by the sun as the water is heated it rises up the top through the various tubes of the collector, as the water rises through the collector it is heated by the sun€™s energy and send back to the pool. This cycle repeats itself continuously as long as the sun shines thus obtaining extremely high temperature of the water until the pool acquires the preset temperature program into the pool solar controller.

The collector will be in operation as long as sun shines.

Our pool solar water heaters are available in standard sizes but we can custom manufactured to any required size.

Each Solar Pool Heater System comes standard with the requisite number of solar collector that acts as water storage and heater manifold, controller, components and hardware kit.