At Carisol we believe in protecting our earth and putting our customers on the right path to sustainable energy and increased financial savings.

At Carisol we believe in protecting our earth and putting our customers on the right path to sustainable energy and increase financial savings.


The beauty of uncompromising quality!

At Carisol we pursue quality aggressively to meet and exceed our customers€™ expectations in both product and services, we constantly research new methods or innovations in the industry that makes our solar products more reliable and affordable to everyone.

We have a team of experienced professionals that are friendly, courteous and reliable in giving you a satisfactory job from start to finish guaranteed, they are detailed oriented from product design and engineering to after sales service.

Our service is second to none… and with our standard and extended warranty our customers are assured that Carisol Solar Products will be reliable.

Carisol gives you Peace of Mind with Quality Satisfaction Guaranteed anticipating your needs and surpassing your expectation.


Get your brand name on our products, Carisol offers OEM on our range of solar and associated products. Additionally we can develop and manufacture for you any of our products to your specifications and with our expertise and knowledge  you can leave the woes of manufacturing to us.


Solar Assessment

When you contact our offices our team of trained, experience consultants and engineers will recommend or custom design a solar solution for your needs in quick easy steps:

Site Analysis:

We will conduct a free on-site assessment to determine solar shading and available sunlight during different times of the day and estimate your yearly solar system potential, and then we measure the available roof space or ground area to ensure you have enough usable area for the system to be mounted.

Energy Use Analysis:

We would require your past utility bills to determine your average energy usage and will use this information to determine the ideal solar system for you to optimize your investment.

Design and Proposal:

Using the site and energy use analysis as well as with an understanding of your budget, our solar energy engineers will select or design a system to fit your application. We will present you with a quotation for the system cost, clearly outlining the scope of work and project timeline. Our quote will include all system materials with installation and warranty on all parts. We also will provide you with the necessary documents and information needed for you to acquire a Net Billing/Net Metering contract with local utility provider.

System Installation:

Once approved our customer service representative will then contact you to arrange installation upon which day our team of certified installers will commence install your system and have it completed within the time frame contracted with a high level professional service.

System Commissioning:

Once your system is install it will be properly commissioned and fully operational and ready to begin paying for itself with immediate energy savings.

Contact us now for a free solar assessment for your residential or commercial application.